About David Harrington

David Harrington is located at the Lionel Renard Salon in Los Angeles. We are located on 8113 West 3rd Street, one of the Hippest Street in Midtown Los Angeles. Services include hair cutting, styling, color, highlights, scalp and hair treatments. DH Creative shopping website only stock the finest products for you to order from the online store. We carry Davines hair products and Ibiza hair brushes.

In a city that thrives on beauty and self-improvement, David Harrington helps you claim both in an eco-friendly way for the long term. Through the use of specialized hair color products that gently lift color to reveal your natural highlights, David is able to help you shimmer and shine like the stars. Your hair will catch the light for a longer time than traditional highlights as this technique works to enhance the complex layers of colors and texture already in your hair.

Bring our your inner brilliance without the use of toxic bleach. By avoiding bleach, which is traditionally used in all highlights and lightening services, your health and the health of the planet is maintained. Please give a shout out for an appointment.

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@dhcreativeloft Oct 17, 16:40

Beauty in Black&White Hair by @dhcreativeloft represented by @_elisavalentina Photography by… https://t.co/cJBmNUmjrj

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I wonder who is at the door? With photographer sotiri.m_photography Hair by @dhcreativelofthttps://t.co/glhtD0bHkj

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Black, Blue & Blonde with photographer: kelleydulcich Hair by @dhcreativeloft #marcjacobshttps://t.co/ofnq6vG1JA

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Pink Motel Editorial in Highlights Magazine with photographer: photobrent Wigs by… https://t.co/LMpfMi73ZO

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The Death of the Professional Beauty Industry https://t.co/QAph0gbZD0

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Frat House Rocks. Hair by @dhcreativeloft Photography by Djeneba A. #fashionphotographyhttps://t.co/vteG6roBm7

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The Pink Motel in Highlights Magazine with photographer photobrent wigs by @dhcreativelofthttps://t.co/ufRfaZS5ac

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Sweet Things, Hair by @dhcreativeloft Photographer Rachel J MuA JoAnn A. Wardrobe… https://t.co/Cutuojyd3i

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Editorial in Flawless Magazine, @flawlessmagazin Hair by @dhcreativeloft Wardrobe by… https://t.co/VlhaBqRMK1

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Braid for a blonde with photographer @jfarrelljr Hair: @dhcreativeloft MUA: tiazhari Wardrobe:… https://t.co/3rBoxSfZZJ

@dhcreativeloft Oct 08, 20:48

Silence in Silver with photographer: photobrent Hair: @dhcreativeloft #davidharringtonhttps://t.co/ycGmvF7VZL

@dhcreativeloft Oct 07, 15:55

Beach Life with Justin Kim. Photographer: @santolucbisso Groomer: @dhcreativeloft Stylist:… https://t.co/aLpo5lyEXh

@dhcreativeloft Oct 06, 13:58

Editorial Strange Dazed in Alice Magazine with photographer @FLASHFL00D Hair: @dhcreativelofthttps://t.co/tPim7rNes9

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Standing on Ends. Photographer: gabrielmontagnani, Hair by @dhcreativeloft, #blondehairhttps://t.co/OdulkWIEy5

@dhcreativeloft Oct 04, 14:42

Fashion Shoot with @jointhebreed Hair: @dhcreativeloft MUA: tiazhari Wardrobe: @simonamalibuhttps://t.co/9yeCMrfODR

@dhcreativeloft Oct 03, 15:08

Beach Life Fashion Shoot. Hair by @dhcreativeloft photographer @zimkillgore #fashionphotographyhttps://t.co/Mt7KE0efP7

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Editorial in Los Angeles Magazine Painted Lady, Hair by @dhcreativeloft photographer Rachael J… https://t.co/foNP6QThDt

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@simonamalibu Happy b-day lady

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Golden Girl Editorial, Hair by @dhcreativeloft photographer Racheal J #blackmodel #blondehairhttps://t.co/BWXN7jqpeE

@dhcreativeloft Sep 30, 19:53

Beauty in Black& White photographer sotiri.m_photography MUA tiazhari Hair @dhcreativelofthttps://t.co/ZWug71sBhY

@dhcreativeloft Sep 29, 16:26

Editorial in A Book Of with photographer: @graphicsmetro Hair @dhcreativeloft MUA:… https://t.co/olPY0w5tVR

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Editorial in Breed Magazine Betsy’s last Days with photographer @melissarodwell . Hair by… https://t.co/RmvVKeHg8T

@dhcreativeloft Sep 27, 16:36

Listening to HiFi with richarddeiss Grooming by @dhcreativeloft #mensgroominghttps://t.co/Jv7f8hD36Q

@dhcreativeloft Sep 26, 15:30

Wild Orchid Editorial in breedmagazine Hair: @dhcreativeloft Mua: @rachelmakeup73 wardrobe:… https://t.co/4VkWKIs3bD

@dhcreativeloft Sep 25, 13:06

Think about how it was! With @iamscottiet Mua bowmanmakeup Hair @dhcreativeloft wardrobe… https://t.co/s48V8wr8vi

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Regan Returns, Editorial in Breed Magazine Vol 2. With photographer @melissarodwell shot in… https://t.co/pM0yjgOgN7

@dhcreativeloft Sep 23, 17:14

Editorial, Wild Orchid in Breed Magazine with photographer: kelleydulcich Mua: @rachelmakeup73https://t.co/5id8TkQnyu

@dhcreativeloft Sep 22, 15:18

Featured editorial in Breed Magazine with photographer: lewisandmarshall , Grooming by… https://t.co/oyEtZBaJIB

@dhcreativeloft Sep 21, 16:20

Only the moment. With model richarddeiss, grooming by @dhcreativeloft wardrobe @alexsherahttps://t.co/yQHwJjp5C1